14 FEB 2020

Things to Consider When signing a record deal

As enticing as it may seem, a record deal may not be the best end game goal for every musician. While many artists view a record deal as the solution to their problems, it can actually open the door to a whole new set of problems if you’re not ready....

6 JAN 2020

5 Things to know when you attend a music concert.

Going to see your first concert–ever?! Congratulations! You’re about to have one of the best times of your life. But with your first concert experience comes many questions. Like, what do you wear? What will the crowd be like? What time should you arrive? Find answers to all your burning questions below, and go from rookie to veteran in no time.....

14 DEC 2019

Let's talk about Music licensing

Essentially, a music license is permission to use a specific piece of music. Every license agreement explains how that piece of music can be used. At the core, it's very simple. The license for a piece of music is basically a contract that states how you can use it, for how long, and in what mediums. But it starts to get complicated, often by technology. For example, you might need one kind of license to perform a song in public, another to play a recording of it, and another to use it in one of your online marketing videos. It might not seem that different, but these intricacies compound quickly...

17 NOV 2019

Meet Olumba-lo-shey-Beat

Olumide Omosebi better known as Olumba lo shey Beat is a fast rising Music Producer/Audio engineer with a difference, based in Lagos, Nigeria.....

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